Profile in English

It is almost impossible to describe Remi Fujii’s character in just one word; elegant, yet playful and witty, and genuine, yet charismatic and enchanting. It goes the same to who she is: mother, activist, life coach, NVC instructor, permaculturist, producer, light worker, teller…this never-ending list of her titles can actually converge on her irresistible passion for making this world a better place. Remi’s versatile approach to triggering transformation in the society and soul can be called Magic

Remi was born in 1974 in Tokyo, to peace activists who had fought in the student protest during the late 60’s. Raised by such parents, who were enthusiastic about Esperant, a language constructed to unite a global community, she eventually learned Non-violent communication (NVC). By the acquisition of this so-called “common” language, she liberated herself from communication mishaps and gained the power to connect with anyone she wishes to. 

What distinguishes Remi Fujii clearly from other activists must be her surpassing skills in business management. She took over her mother’s hotel business in 2011, with almost zero experience in the field and turned it into a nature-oriented resort hotel. After managing the million-dollar-worth business for four years, Remi noticed that her day-to-day business practices were going against her devotion for Mother Earth. Eventually, she stepped down and retreated to Kamakura to search for a meaningful life. 

It was during the tour to experience Gift Ecology at the Bay Area in California that Remi heard her true calling. After she came back, she immediately joined Tokyo Urban Permaculture (a.k.a TUP), the organizing group of the tour. Remi assumed the role of PR and the manager of Kai Sawyer, “Inter-connectedness Revolutionist”. To this date, she has succeeded in many projects and events to spread the idea of permaculture to the grass-root level. Remi shows how much the real-world skills can actually contribute to advancing the ideal world for humans and Earth, when a good intention and heart are placed together.  

Now Remi is raising her son as a single mother in Kamakura, a cultural city of Japan, where zen Buddhism flourished in the medieval era and many ancient temples still remain. In this town, she nurtures her other interests such as cooking, art, beauty, health, local economy and so forth. Incorporating from trending ideas to ancient knowledge, Remi offers her knowledge at various events. There is no wonder why many renowned activists around the world come back to stay at her place, seeking insightful advice and inspiration from her.

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